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Vision Statement

The DAP will ensure the best quality of education and provision for all children and young people with complex special educational needs, learning difficulties and disabilities in all member schools.


  • Raise standards of achievements, care and independence;
  • Increase the capacity of school leadership for school improvement through collaboration, mutual support and challenge;
  • Secure the entitlements of all children and young people with complex SEN / LDD in Bradford;
  • Hold partner agencies in the DAP and LA to account for providing quality services;
  • Maximise resource efficiency through sharing and cooperative professional development of staff;
  • Create an engine for innovation and collective response to local and national policy development;
  • Fulfill statutory responsibilities through partnerships.


The individual partners will retain the distinct identities and the discrete capabilities of their status as locally managed schools and institutions, and pursue their co-located projects with partner mainstream schools in response to their own contexts.


  • Our agreed model of inclusion is ‘equal consideration of interests’;
  • Diversity of provision within a consistent policy approach to meet children and young peoples’ needs;
  • A small number of policy decisions must be binding and irreversible;
  • Collective and transparent sharing of data and information on performance of schools;
  • Facilitate agreements on school support and interventions between members.

DAP Heads Away Day, 18th February 2014

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